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  1. hi there!! I'm currently in the GBC PN program, in my last semester. I feel like I was in a similar situation to you. However, I had completed my university degree in Kinesiology, realized it wasn't for me, and wanted to pursue nursing (RN). I applied to accelerated programs and didn't get in. I thought about doing RPN programs but I knew they would look at high schools grades and mine were low in high school. Like a few 80s here and there but a 75 and a 50 in Chemistry (these were all 12U courses). So I actually did pre-health science at George Brown and got A+ in every course and applied to GBC's practical nursing program. I got accepted, and I contacted the admission officer because I realized my offer wasn't conditional to me finishing my pre-health certificate. What the admission officer told me is that they didn't even look at my pre-health grades and admitted me off my high School marks! 8 months wasted for nothing LOL But your grades are good and they are university level courses, so colleges take that into account. I think you will be fine. The real thing to worry about is the video interview for the nursing program. That is the deciding factor on whether you will be accepted or not.
  2. Actually now that I think of it I spoke to someone at centennial a few months ago from admissions and he said that "centennial does not send out conditional offers for this program" when I asked how it would work with the CNO registration and CPNRE writing... he said there is no cut off date to submit the CNO proof and that they wouldn't send one until then... unfortunate.. but I applied for the January 2022 intake so I guess I have time lmao
  3. thank you for your quick reply! 🙂 I submitted my application haha guess we just need to wait and see now! I'm just wondering how competitive the GPAs need to be... my cumulative GPA as of right now is a 3.86 which I know is a good one but have any of you heard of people getting accepted and if their GPAs were around this range? I'm scared we'll all need 4.0s LOL Also I'm at GBC at the moment, is this where you go to?
  4. Hi there! I'm in my last semester at George Brown's practical nursing program, and I just found out I got a clinical extern position at a hospital in downtown Toronto on their orthopaedic surgery floor! I am so excited to be on a surgical floor and see a different side of nursing as I have only been in long term care placements as of yet! What are some things I can expect on the first day? Is there anything I should study up on prior to starting on an orthopaedic unit? I will definitely be reviewing my notes for hip and knee replacements, anything else?! Thanks so much 🙂
  5. Oh man! When did you apply to the centennial program? I am now wishing I would have applied earlier had I known haha I was told they wouldn't give an acceptance until we showed them we are registered with the CNO? Everything was so confusing so I told myself I would wait until next September. I mean realistically it is only a semester later so you wouldn't be missing that much time! Plus it will give us more confidence as RPNs to bring into our RN practice 🙂 But I feel you, it's beyond confusing
  6. @MOMTORN I'm so sorry ! Just be hopeful that later in the application cycle they will take you. Worst comes to worst you try again the next cycle, at least you know what to expect now form the CASPer ❤️ I totally understand how you feel, I graduated form university in 2018 and applied to all of the accelerated BScN's I could think of... got rejected from all of them. I was crushed. I applied to PN programs a few months later and got in and now am living my dream! It will happen for you, if not this cycle, the next one ❤️ 🙂
  7. Hi there! I am currently in my last semester at GBC and I was hoping to start the Centennial program (the hybrid option I think) in September 2021 (if I got accepted), even though we won't be able to write the CPNRE exam until June should I still apply?