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    NCLEX 2021 went all the way up to almost 150??

    I finally mustard the courage to do what you mention and did the PVT and got "our record indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam....etc" is that consider a good pop up?
  2. Hi guys, I am not sure if anyone had the same experience as I did. I just finish taking my test almost 2 days ago and I am filling with anxiety! For one, I don't know if I pass or fail and two I went to almost all the way to 150. I thought the test was design to go to 145 questions only. I did have two case studies thrown in at the end and it was mention that it won't count towards my test. But what is weird was after finishing the first case study, I was given a good amount like 10 more questions after that then at Q139 mark I have another case study question. What was even weirder was both case studies have about 6Q. So I really thought that after this case study my computer just shuts off bc then it will put me at the 145Q- hence when I was answering the case study my question # keeps going up, so I don't even know what that means but I guess I factor in and figure if I hit 145 then I am done. BUT, I answer a couple more questions after until the question went up to almost 150. I am devastated and don't know what to think at all. All I know is the last couple of questions did have sata and easy question. So I am sad that I might even fail because of one I don't know if I got the SATA question right, but I do know I got the easy question right. *****sigh***** I left the testing center feeling really like "jfaskhfaksjflkasjdflkasjf," I even forgot my coffee cup twice and ultimately left it at the center place bc I waited for my ride and when my ride got there I just literally dip. I am in an emotional nervous reck, I thought I did good but then I don't even know if I pass or fail yet. My mind is everywhere and I look on this forum to see if anyone have come across this while taking the test? I am confused and seeking if anyone have similar experiences and what were you guys results? I don't want to try the PVT bc I heard bad stories, and I don't want to look at my BON bc I am afraid I will fail. So do get an email right after the test. My other question is will I get another email stating my result that whether I pass or fail? or I will know when I get it in the mail? I am in a nervous reck at this waiting game. Lastly, thank you for reading hopefully I didn't confuse anyone.