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    New grad, NICU offer questions

    Hi all, I have a few questions about joining a NICU. A little background: I am a relatively new grad. Once I graduated I joined a program at the hospital where I was rotated through the ICUs (SICU, MICU and CVICU). Each for about a month. During that time I got the chance to shadow in the NICU and really enjoyed it. I’m kind of in limbo right now where I am being interviewed by units to see who has offers and jobs available. I have been interested in the NICU since nursing school. The one I would be working at is a level II bordering on level III. My question: will I be getting enough experience and will I be limiting myself if I look for a new job in the future? And will a higher acuity NICU accept someone who hasn’t worked in that environment yet? I will be shadowing again for a week and from the talk I had with the nurse manager it seems like I will probably be getting an offer. I’m a guy btw and would be the only one there, not that it matters, just want to give a bit of context. Let me know if you have any advice, thanks!