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RoseT21 has 19 years experience and specializes in Nicu.

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  1. I find it curious that you think a nurse obstructing care of a patient and being secretive in her care of one patient and interactions with a family member and neglectful in care of another patient should not face some kind of disciplinary action. Also, why would I take it up with her, is that not management’s job? 🤔
  2. In our unit, there is a nurse that appears to be infatuated with a patient and the family-to the point that if that nurse does not have the patient, the nurse will not leave the room until cares are done and even afterwards you will find said nurse checking on the patient throughout the shift. Our unit has private rooms with a sliding glass door. A few weeks ago, several nurses witnessed the nurse close the patient room door and sit in the patient room for a large portion of the shift conversing with the family-mind you, the nurse was also assigned she had 2 other patients that she was responsible for as well. When the nurse was seen in the other patients rooms one could tell the nurse was just doing bare minimum of what had to be done and would scurry back to her ‘favorite’ patient’s room and shut the door-this went on until the family left. Am I just being overly sensitive or is this grounds for disciplinary action by the employer as well as the board of nursing? Is she not crossing all kinds of ethical and professional boundaries as well as abandoning/neglecting her other patients? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!