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Ravenclaw_RN has 2 years experience and specializes in CVICU.

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    Infusion of Meds Question

    I'm new to the ICU and I have a question regarding infusion of medications. I'll use a recent patient as an example. My last patient only had a trialysis catheter (two ports being used for CRRT) and a double lumen PICC line as his only access. When I came on shift, the night RN had a unit of PRBC infusing into the open lumen of his trialysis catheter and had a three-way "valve" attached to each of his PICC lumens. One of these three-way valves had levophed, vasopressin, and fentanyl attached and infusing through the lumen and the other lumen had two open hubs and calcium gluconate infusing through that lumen. We were using the two open hubs on the second lumen to IVP antibiotics or infuse other medications, like albumin, through. I have two questions. Is it okay to have fluids/medications infusing together in that type of setup? There never seems to be any worries about compatibility of medications being given. Even though there are three hubs on the valves, those fluids are still running together through the lumen. Do you give blood or other blood products through a dialysis catheter? I came from a med-surg unit and we never infused anything through the dialysis access. We would leave them alone (besides maintaining dressings) and let the dialysis nurses deal with it. There is just so much to learn and so many new things. Thanks