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    Sign on bonus

    As far as I know, they pay it all upfront when you agree to sign on with them.
  2. I am a nursing student in the US soon to graduate as a registered nurse. My husband is from Argentina and is having trouble getting his authorization to work. We are looking into our options for both of us to be able to work, and I am really curious to know what the process would be for me to be able to work as a nurse in Argentina. I have been told that as an RN (I will not yet have a BSN when I graduate in June from this program), I would only be able to do work similar to a CNA or a PCT which is what I am currently working as now. I am hoping to be able to put to use what I went to school for. Does anyone have any advice or has been in a similar situation? Anyone in the healthcare field in Argentina that might know?? Thanks in advance for any help!