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  1. Psychiatrist

    Outpatient PMHNP "agreement"

    What exactly are you seeking in a mentor? If you have a good idea, then you can start with online events. Many of them have break-out sessions where you can chat with others. Often, they provide attendees with other attendees contact information (for the attendees that opt in). Once you identify what you want in a mentor, you can target your participation in online activities with those who have a similar interest. If you have many things you are seeking in a mentor, then cast a wider net to those activities where you can receive contacts for someone who can offer you guidance in a specific area. You don't want to run the risk of overwhelming one person providing you with guidance for everything. Considering that COVID restrictions are starting to ease, in-person activities are likely to resume in some format.
  2. Psychiatrist

    We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    I am going to address it on my end with the site coordinator. I am also going to change my approach to how I accept students. I am considering having them apply to precept with me. I will let them and their school(s) know that my expectations may exceed what their school(s) expect of them and me. If they agree to my terms, they sign off. This way if the are meeting their schools' standards and not mine, I will cut my losses and theirs earlier. There are multiple schools in the region and I anticipate that I will receive more requests to precept since I was told by one of my students that preceptors are starting to ask for payment and some preceptors are planning to stop taking students.
  3. Psychiatrist

    NP Student, highly wanting to do med school?

    My post was only to provide insight and clarification with informed decision-making about pursing medical school, not to encourage someone to go in either direction. I am sorry to hear about your friends, but their situations do occur (I had peers in my class who did not complete med school). I forgot to mention in my other post that some people may not get the residencies in the specialties they want and have to settle for a less desirable specialty instead of not receiving any residency training. I would highly recommend for someone considering medical school to get an undergraduate degree in anything he/she wants (including nursing) and take the prereqs and a few additional med-school oriented science classes (keep in mind that the GPA needs to be acceptable). This way, if med school does not work out, he/she has a marketable profession to fall back on.
  4. Psychiatrist

    We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    I approached my role preceptor based on the guidance I was given. I chose not to mention the program. I started reading through this site while I have time because of my limited knowledge about the differences in NP education so I know what I am getting into moving forward. As I mentioned, I am new to this site. I have no motive other than what I posted and it just happens to on this forum; I respect your opinion and will agree to disagree with you.
  5. Psychiatrist

    We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    My assumption is that you are referring to me. I have precepted/trained mental health providers for years. I posted to this site in search of guidance for my experience with my current NP students (please refer to my posts). However, if you are seeking specifics for the cohort I referenced, here are some examples: (1) over-reliance on rote-memorization; (2) limited time to study tasks I assigned (reading up on a new admission that will be assigned to the student, updating a treatment plan for a current patient, etc.) due to having papers to write; (3) struggling to conduct an evaluation without referring to the template in a fixed amount of time (I allot them 60-90 min for new patients and 30-45 min for follow-ups); and (4) struggling to ascertain where the appropriate parts of the patient's information go in the H&P. These are the basics; the more complex aspects are worse (differential diagnosis, risk assessments). While some improvement was shown during the limited amount of time with me, the improvement was not commensurate with mastery to my comfort level for advanced practice. I do not research psych NP programs enough to know the differences in their curricula. I naively thought that all psych NP students would be like my prior precepting experience. I am not paid to do this. I am all for giving back to students in the form of clinical training, but it takes away from my core job when I have to spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to catch them up on the basics that they should have prior to seeing patients. This has nothing to do with my ability to teach/not teach and/or precept/not precept. This is a function of what this particular program has produced, and the students to some degree. As adult learners, they are expected to be more proactive in their educations. I do not know the particulars of their program and/or what this program offered them in terms of pre-clinical education. My main concern how to address this on my end and one poster provided excellent advice that I plan to follow-up on.
  6. Psychiatrist

    Would PMHNP role be welcoming to nurse in recovery?

    All state provider boards (regardless of discipline) have some sort of impaired provider program. Assuming you meet the board requirements of the program for an unencumbered license, you should be able to proceed on your chosen path. There are some protections under ADA for SUD's. Best wishes on your continued recovery and professional endeavors.
  7. Psychiatrist

    Lawsuit question

    Yes, this is usually the case for state medical boards. When applying for credentialing and/or malpractice insurance, all providers are typically asked if they have ever been named in a malpractice suit. Then you will have answer "yes" and explain the circumstances of the suit. So while not reportable to the NPDB, if you are named in a lawsuit you will still have to disclose it at some point to another entity if your employment situation changes.
  8. Psychiatrist

    We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    Thank you for your input. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated than that and my apologies for not including more background information. These students are also employees and I (and everyone else) know they would like to work there upon graduation. The higher ups know they rotated with me. I do not want my impressions of their substandard advanced practice education to cause them problems for their current positions. I am involved in direct clinical education for a variety of mental health disciplines, and this cohort to date is the weakest of the the groups. Upon further investigation, the curriculum has excessive requirements that take away from patient care and there are not enough required patient contact hours to develop proficiency. Technically based on what they were expected to do during their time with me would be acceptable by their school's standards at that stage of their educations, but completely unacceptable for graduation in the near future and subsequent advanced practice patient care. I will check with the site coordinator on our end to see if/how I can relay these concerns to the institution. Thank you for your recommendation.
  9. Psychiatrist

    Psychiatric NP

    So far there a lots of telepsych jobs (and psych jobs in general). Just be aware of the licensure requirements if you have patients across state lines. In terms of working with psych patients in person, medium+ sized organizations will provide training in de-escalating, safety, etc. If you choose to work for an organization that does not provide this training, you can request it and any employer concerned about your concern for your safety will provide it.
  10. Psychiatrist

    APRN Education

    I cannot comment on the future of NP or PA's. I can comment on current general trends, without extrapolating to future directions of either discipline. NP's can practice independently in most states; other states require some sort of collaboration with a physician, though there is lobbying in these states to allow for more independence. PA's always have to practice under physician oversight, though there is lobbying in many states to change the PA's scope of practice to provide more independence. There are some residencies/fellowships in both. PA's have more flexibility with their post-graduate training, while NP's do not. For example, if a PA wanted post-graduate training in dermatology, then as a first assist in surgery, no problem. If a PMHNP got tired of psych and wanted to do cardiology, he/she would have to go back and get trained in another primary care NP specialty first (FNP, Adult NP, etc).
  11. Psychiatrist

    We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    I am new to this site. I am a Psychiatrist. I precept PMNHP students. My experience with the students from the local university is a complete 180 from the recent students I have had to date (I would prefer not to name the school). I will continue with the other students from the institution that I have already agreed to precept, but I am trying the figure out the best way forward once I am done. I like to teach, but I do not want my name attached to a subpar student (and likely eventual provider). If anyone is inclined to provide me with any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.