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    Trying to break into L&D/mother baby

    Hi everyone! I graduated with my bachelors in 2019 and have wanted to do L&D or mom/baby ever since nursing school. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into it as a new grad, so I followed the advice of many and went into medsurg to gain some basic experience. I’ve been in medsurg for two years now and am looking to break out of it and get in to the L&D world. However, despite seeing so many applications for L&D and applying to all of them with an updated resume, I’ve been rejected from every single one of them simply because I don’t have experience in the specialty. How the heck am I supposed to get L&D/mom baby experience if no one will hire me?? Starting feel that new grad stress all over again. Please help!! I need advice on how to break into this specialty as I’m super burned out in medsurg and want to follow my passion!