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    Early Burnout?

    OK, So I'm in my first year of college, and I'm constantly being pressured saying that if I want to change my major, I should do it within the first two years or I'll "regret it" and "waste money". My problem is, I've always wanted to be part of the medical field since I was young, I was enrolled in Medical Academies from 7th grade till Senior year. All of that learning and knowledge of healthcare fields was cool and I really did enjoy it. Though, since I only focused on one thing my entire life (so far), I feel like I'm already burnt out of it. I don't feel the same passion for Nursing as I did before. My second idea for a Major was Education, but I've always liked challenging myself, so I stuck with Nursing. What do I do? I feel so burnt out, stressed, and bored... but I still have the "wanting to help and improve others lives" passion. I'm scared to change Majors since this is all I've known, but I haven't felt comfortable or happy with my decision at all for a while now. Do I stick with Nursing since I like the idea of it? Should I try education? Is there an in-between Major (still helps people, slightly medical based, but isn't as hard as Nursing or as easy as Education)? This is a daily thing I've been going through for around 2 years, I just need others opinions now, thank you!