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  1. Hello, I have been a staff nurse at local CA hospital for over 10 years. I have hurt my back with one fusion in 2017 and more recently was diagnosed with several bulging disks in my lower back. I have been taking pain medication since my back fusion in 2017 and increased dosage since the bulging disks that prevented me from walking. I unfortunately are going to have take the opioid medication for my pain. I am going to have get a different job than working as a floor nurse. Question if I fail a drug screen for employment but have a prescription for the opioid pain medication do they report me to BRN for taking opioid drugs and require me to go into a diversion program or since I have a prescription continue with taking the medication as needed for the back pain. Has anyone ever experienced a similar situation in California in getting a RN position. Thanks for any information. I really do need a different job than a floor nurse if my company doesn't have any appropriate job nursing positions that are open within the company.