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  1. Deli

    Oxygen Therapy

    Haha! I guess that's apart of the consequences of learning how to be a nurse during a pandemic. I don't think my question was clear enough though! At school, I was taught that there are times in which I can give oxygen before being prescribed an order. So for example, during an emergency. I was just wondering in these scenarios how would I know how much oxygen I should give them. Based on what you said it seems like you use your clinical judgment but as of now I don't have much of it haha, so I was wondering what I should do? For example, if a patient had a septic shock and I gave them 2L of oxygen while their spo2 is at 75% that seems kind of inappropriate to me so based on their spo2 and symptoms I was wondering if I could have a range for each oxygen delivery device (NP, simple mask, non-rebreather) I should give based on their spo2 and symptoms.
  2. Deli

    Oxygen Therapy

    I just have a general question about giving someone oxygen I was never really given a guide on this so I was wondering for example if I had a patient whose spo2 is 90 if this value is not normal for a patient would I start off with NP or would I start off with a simple mask or a non-rebreather. So in other words my question is, at what range of Spo2 would I use each oxygen therapy device for (Nasal prongs, simple mask, non-rebreather)?
  3. Deli

    Medications through NG tubes

    So just to make sure I am understanding correctly. When a patient is using an NG tube for suction it should be clamped after medication administration for 1h, but on the other hand for tube feeds it does not need to be clamped? So why does it need to be clamped why couldn't I just turn off the suction.
  4. Hello Everyone I am a nursing student so please don't judge me for my lack of knowledge, But I just had a question regarding proving medications through NG tubes, I understand that we are supposed to clamp them after providing the client medication but why is that? Does it matter regardless of using the NG tube for suction or for feeding? Thanks in advance!