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EDnurseAmen is a RN and specializes in ED.

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    Nurse Breaks in ER

    Hey everyone, In the emergency department, what are your team's practices for ensuring lunches/breaks? I am reading about power breaks when it is really busy? Just looking for some ways to ensure everyone can get a break. Thanks.
  2. I am trying to feel out if anyone else has declined the Covid vaccine and feeling backlash or tension with other co-workers? I have never heard so much discussion regarding nurse receiving or declining a vaccine in the 12 years I've been a nurse. Not sure why it should even matter but, I am getting a lot of pressure about it. I do not see why I am "crazy " if I made the decision against receiving the vaccine. I also do not understand co-workers pushing the vaccine on me and others, or insisting we are out of our minds. This is coming from management level as well as staff nurses. I am just appalled at the treatment and many of us who have declined the vaccine have kept to ourselves. For me, personally, I made the choice not to get it and I was done at that. It's been a month into our hospital vaccines and people will not just shut up about it. Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? How are you handing this? Please mind the poor spelling and grammar 🙂