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  1. Hi-- I'd love to talk to you about your earlier message.  Are you comfortable sharing phone numbers with me? I have about 25 minutes right now. 


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    2. BROKEstudent


      Yes I will never make this mistake ever again. The GFR was 63 pre op, 42 post op and 43 the day of my shift (Canadian measurement). Creat levels were very high (135) and BUN levels were within the normal range. The pt was receiving 32mg of Candesartan 

      Thank you so much for the guidance. I totally forgot that student nurses can also call the pharmacy not just RNs. 

    3. doctordavism


      It seems, given the algorithms on the materials I sent from the kidney foundation, that it's a complex decision-- and you are probably OK.  I'm not up on the Canadian values vs. American-- but I doubt you are in serious trouble.  I think the demon of anxiety is sitting on your shoulder and trying to take you down. 

      Don't let it.  I'm here if you need support.  

      BTW you have done some beautiful critical thinking here.  It doesn't get any better than this. 

    4. BROKEstudent


      You are the most helpful person so far this year hehe
      Thank you