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  1. I've been a nurse for about two years and just started working as an IV infusion nurse. In the past, I've had experience with blood draws and have started IVs a handful of times. I'm really excited about this position and I've been successful wi...
  2. 3 possible job options, cannot decide and need insight!

    Drs Office 100%, the pay isn't worth it at LTC, and with children you'll want the holidays off. Less Pay but still enough to keep your skills and keep your life balanced.
  3. IV Meyers

    I Personally worked at an IV infusion clinic when I was an LVN. I was able to hang bags and "superimpose category 1 fluids" (electrolytes,vitamins,and NS pretty much) I could not mix the bags but was able to start an IV and connect it. As an LVN I co...
  4. Help! Struggling with IV placement in hand

    I've been told that angling the catheter up can help but have not tried this yet. When angling from the side of the vein how far do you insert before you change direction to actually hit the vein?
  5. Help! Struggling with IV placement in hand

    Thank you so much for responding. I’ve noticed I don’t struggle as much with the elderly, which is bizarre. It seems the common sticks I miss are with the obese population. 22 g is my standard. I’ve found whenever I use a 20 g I have difficulty threa...
  6. I Need Advice Please

    You should quit! Remember this is your license on the line. I worked in a medical office like that with constant drama and I was miserable. I do things by the book, and they also had a problem with this and at the end of it I was the one in trouble f...