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  1. Is Johns Hopkins MSN Entry into Nursing worth the price??

    If you can see my other posts I put a really long one reviewing the program.
  2. Is Johns Hopkins MSN Entry into Nursing worth the price??

    Current Hopkins MSN student. Run as far as you can.
  3. FEEDBACK/ADVICE Johns Hopkins Entry Level MSN

    I’m a current student about to start my 4th semester in the program and every day I wish I decided not to come here. Most of my cohort is incredibly unhappy, for one, but students are generally quite unsupportive of each other. Just the other da...
  4. Anxiety Accomodations in Nursing School?

    Do you have a psych? go see your SDS office. You are 100000000% entitled by law to get accommodations to bring you to a more level playing ground . that’s what ADA is for. Nursing school has exacerbated every single psych issue I’ve ever had. This ha...
  5. I Am Not Smart Enough For Nursing And I Have No Options

    It sounds like you’ve been through a tremendous amount of suffering and adversity. Your experience will help other people I’m certain of it. I will caution you, though, about how to use your story and how it can be of maximum benefit to people. ...
  6. I Am Not Smart Enough For Nursing And I Have No Options

    Well I’m 36 went to nursing school as a career change and I absolutely hate it. I’m still trying to finish up my first semester due to having a nervous breakdown from all of the stress and toxicity of this graduate school and having no mental health ...
  7. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    I’m curious what people think now that the semester has started. Have I uprooted my life to go to online school?
  8. SFSU ELMSN 2021 Application

    Guess we were proven wrong LOL. seeing this...forever... Congrats Shawn! Where will you be going?
  9. SFSU ELMSN 2021 Application

    I chose psych, but there isn’t a point since the CNS psych certification is officially obsolete! I also haven’t received an interview, and I’m convinced they’ve like halted operations over there! Haha. I’ve accepted my seat and put down a deposit at ...
  10. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    Sure it does. There are characteristics of a school or program that attracts certain numbers of applicants and this in relationship to the number of available seats budgeted for the year.
  11. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    I’m having trouble getting reliable info on this. Found a depressing 53% on this site that made me feel like a winner!
  12. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    I don't know if they show you your financial aid disbursement after you put the deposit down or what.... but this is the email I got:
  13. SFSU ELMSN 2021 Application

    Hello @FutureGreennurse42 - My GPA wasn't amazing. I had a 3.62 cumulative GPA for everything in college and out of my undergrad including the prerequisites. NursingCAS low-balled me from my undergrad grade because they calculate things stupidly, but...
  14. SFSU ELMSN 2021 Application

    Hi there! I have not yet received an interview request from SFSU for psych/mental health. I will be taking myself out of the running since I was awarded a great scholarship at Johns Hopkins. Good luck to everyone on this page!
  15. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021

    To those who have been accepted, chose to accept, and also given a scholarship, do you know what the deal is with the financial aid? Their financial aid disbursement (at least for me) WITH the scholarship doesn't get me close to where I need to be. F...