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  1. How to prepare for the AANP exam 2022

    Oh, question please! Did both exams show pictures as part of some questions?
  2. Working in Rural Primary Care and Love It!

    It's been a while but are you still in California? Also did you apply for Federal Loan Repayment after you got the job or prior? Thank you and hope you are doing well!
  3. ACTH test consent needed?

    Thank you. For this one it’s an injection not via IV. But I agree a consent would be needed however according to my clinic providers - they state it’s not mandated for this injection. Go figure and I couldn’t find anything in my research seems to be ...
  4. ACTH test consent needed?

    Question just started working at an endo clinic. I'm sure this question may be dependent on the state you work in. However, anyone her work at an ambulatory clinic and do these tests at least the IM injection? If so, *Do you require a patient t...