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  1. Sandyleesand

    Pasadena City College LVN program

    I passed my test jan 21 and got my physical license in February, im sure you will get it!
  2. Sandyleesand

    Pasadena City College LVN program

    I guess it can....Have you seen the application yet? I don't get it they want us to have official transcripts of our schools mailed out then scan it to our computer and then upload it? so much work LOL
  3. I have the Mometrix TEAS secrets book and I took the practice tests, wow, I got a C in anatomy and yet the practice test was super easy to me? And I struggled through math class but it was insanely easy to me too. I have an english degree so of course I already did great on the reading and grammar. What is going on? Are the practice tests just way easier than the real test is or are they accurate? I am shocked
  4. Sandyleesand

    For those of you who took the TEAS 6 already..

    god darn I looked up the study guide and its over 200 dollars 😮
  5. Is the Mometrix ATI TEAS secrets book enough to study with? I heard many people say they used the book, and some apps, and some additional books, and this and that, it just overwhelmed me. I just have that Mometrix book and one additional math book (I think math will be my weakest subject so thats why) But I just kind of want to focus on those two books and that's it I don't want to be overwhelmed with all types of different additional materials. Do you think these 2 books is enough or should I use all the other things like people say?
  6. I passed my test and now on the department of public health site it says my name on the registry, but for my lvn program I need to print out the license they said you can do it online, but I have no idea how! it just says my name and info online it doesn't give me option to print out anything. Does anyone now how to do it 😞