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  1. Sandyleesand

    Pasadena City College straight LVN program 2021

    I am takin microbio at east la college in Summer, then in Winter I want to take physiology again and hopefully get an A in both!
  2. Sandyleesand

    How to study for the sceince part of the TEAS?

    just study the momentrix reading and english part of the book, also you can look at this Carolyn McAllister lady on Youtube she has some tips for the reading/grammer parts on the TEAS
  3. So I basically already know how to study for the math part and english parts, I got a strong hold on the questions they'll basically asked but I'm kind of overwhelmed about the secince part? I already took A and P but there was SO much information an...
  4. Sandyleesand

    Question about free money while you're an LVN student?

    sorry I meant to say SIMILAR to unemployment but wasn't unemployment itself, I dunno she was confusing me but if this does exist I wanna know LOL
  5. So my friend said her brother in law quit his job while being an LVN student here in California, and he got free money she said it was SIMILAR TO but not the same as unemployment, but forgot the program name, and it wasn't a loan. Does anyone know wh...
  6. will they give you money off if you already took pre req classes?
  7. Sandyleesand

    Is anyone in California living alone on an LVN salary?

    so what do you do for money that you can afford to live on your own and be a student?
  8. Hello just wanted to make a thread about anyone who has also applied to PCC straight up LVN program, I doubt I'll get in because I have 2 C's and 2 A's, working on taking physiology for a better grade now though, but I decided to apply anyway, Anyone...
  9. Its only 20 months and around 70k, but less if you get some of your science etc classes transferred over, This program isn't really talked about on here so I wanna know has anyone gone to it and graduated? are you an RN now? is it legit? Disclai...
  10. Sandyleesand

    Is anyone in California living alone on an LVN salary?

    boo ☹️ living with my mom it is then LOL
  11. This may be a long shot but does anyone who is a licensed vocational nurse in California make enough to live on their own? If so how much do you make hourly and where do you live? I’m trying to get into an RN program but if it doesn’t work and I get ...
  12. oh ya, well good luck, I will try to retake at least one of those classes again in a short session, so I can apply next time too if so, I will NEVER take anatomy again in my life tho LOL no thanks, I hope we get in ?
  13. Sandyleesand

    For those of you who took the TEAS 6 already..

    Thanks for the info ? I already did nearly perfect on the reading and language cuz I already have an english degree, but I haven't taken math in years so even the baby algebra I forgot ? I will look into the math stuff and the facebook group thank yo...
  14. Sandyleesand

    Pasadena City College LVN program

    I passed my test jan 21 and got my physical license in February, im sure you will get it!
  15. Sandyleesand

    Pasadena City College LVN program

    I guess it can....Have you seen the application yet? I don't get it they want us to have official transcripts of our schools mailed out then scan it to our computer and then upload it? so much work LOL

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