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  1. LACC ADN Fall 2021

    Yes ! I was thinking the same thing!
  2. LACC ADN Fall 2021

    I got in too! Ahhh I’m so excited ???!!
  3. LACC ADN Fall 2021

    I know ! The wait is killing me ??
  4. College of the Canyons (COC) ADN Fall 2021

    Thank you! You as well!! I think I only have like 68 points if I counted right ?haha
  5. College of the Canyons (COC) ADN Fall 2021

    I also received my application submission email. Ahh I’m nervous! I guess it’s just the waiting game now haha. Good luck everyone!
  6. LACC ADN Fall 2021

    Hi everyone! I am also applying this fall. I am confused about the chancellors cut as well. I’m wondering how they calculate it? Good luck to everyone applying!!
  7. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Hi! I applied for Fall 2021 as well! I'm also bummed out because I am eligible for a degree, but my school didn't post my degree on my transcript in time ? It sucks missing out on those points! But I shall hope for the best! Good luck to ...
  8. LA Pierce College Fall 2021

    Hi, They told me that they will accept TEAS results until two days after the second TEAS test is completed at Pierce.
  9. LA Pierce College Fall 2021

    Hi! I submitted my application as well but I didn't receive a confirmation email. Good luck to everyone!