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  1. bhupinderjit

    Kenyan nurse moving to Ontario - questions!

    Is anyone took CELBAN test recently? I would love to receive some inside on this test as there is not much information available online. I would greatly appreciate the information.
  2. bhupinderjit

    CELBAN Help Please!

    Hi, I was planning to take CELBAN test to become RN in Canada. I know that test has changed over the years, but if someone has taken the test in last few years, would be able to tell me how hard is this test? There are a lot of reviews that CELBAN is easier than IELTS. I would love to know that how many question are in listening and reading tests and how many you have to get right in order to get passing scores. The Celban website only displays that listening test will be 45 minutes long with 13-14 tasks with 1-12 question each task as some tasks are shorter than other ranging from 30 second to 3.5 minutes. I also want to know how many questions are in reading section. As Celban website again only says that there are 4 tasks, 3 with multiple questions from 6-10 questions and one fill in the blank. The listening section almost requires perfect scores. I am wondering if I can make mistakes and how many question I am allowed to get wrong. Please response if you have more information. I would greatly appreciate it.