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  1. Sajones

    10 year old felony DUI

    What's your experience with clinical agencies with having a very old felony. I have a 10 year old felony DUI. Well reality is I have two misdemeanors and 1 felony. The two mis are from 2004&2009. Then felony in 2010. I spoke to the florida BON they said I just will need to provide documentation and proof that I'm in a recovered state. Which I can. I've been sober since my last DUI July 6 2010. The Dean of Nursing stated that she didn't for see it being a problem with the clinical agency but that could be our only hold up. Does one clinical agency work with more than one hospital. Does one nursing school do clinicals at more than one place?
  2. Sajones

    Licensure with felony

    Hi I was wondering if you had any issues while in nursing school getting approved to do clinicals through your schools clinical agency due to the felony?
  3. Sajones

    Nursing student- there is hope

    Did you have problems getting into clinicals with your background? I have two misdemeanor DUI's from 2004 & 2009 and a felony Dui from 2010. But have been sober since the felony and very active in a 12 steps program and other community commitments. I have several letters of reference as well. The one school I spoke with said they couldn't take me cause they wouldn't be able to get me into clinicals