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    NP Programs

    Hey Everyone! I hope you guys are doing well at this given time! I wanted some insight about NP programs. I am thinking about going through a career change and the highest degree I have obtained is a masters in exercise science. However, through all of my work experience that I have had I really enjoyed it and I am thinking about pursing a degree in nursing. There is an entry-level MSN program offered near where I live. My question to you guys was do most NP programs accept masters students after they complete their masters in science in nursing? Secondly, I don't have a BSN but a lot of students have told me that an entry level MSN usually means you will have the RN title and will be taking the NCLEX exam so you can transition into an NP Program after some work experience. If someone who truly knows about this can give me some proper insight that would be great because I do not want to have to start off with a BSN and spend money on that program especially when an entry level MSN is being offered.