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  1. shrugsoup

    UTA Fall 2021

    Emails are going out for fall AO. Accepted. 8.5 total score, partnered, DFW.
  2. It's an 11 month program, meaning it will finish Feb 2022. The earliest you'll apply for state licensure / NCLEX will be March 2022. If you think your file will be expunged by March 2022, and that's all that is causing hesitation, then I saw start the class now so you don't lose out on the time.
  3. I just did a quick search and the Ohio BON, as of 2019, doesn't say one way or the other if something is disqualifying (barring 11 felonies they specifically name Here) and require an actual application. Seems silly coming from a state where schools require prospective students to get an "all clear" from the BON prior to enrolling, but hey that's Ohio's way. I say still give the BON a call as only they know for sure and my answer is purely one of the first Google results I found (not from your state). But if Ohio BON is anything like most other licensing bodies, a single misdemeanor from 5 years ago (and potential to be expunged) shouldn't be much of an issue, especially coming forward with it rather than hiding it.