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  1. @Nurse Coach USA the difference on my application between getting an A and a B in Physio would be 5 points because it bumps be down to the lower GPA bracket for that weighted section. And having a CNA license is 3 points (no hours necessary just the license obtained) so that’s not too bad. I’m also retaking a higher English class(sadly got a C the first go round) so I’ll get at least 5 more points from that (hopefully 10) because an A=15pts, B=10pts, C=5pts. So with at least a B in my new English class, A’s in Anat, Physio, and Micro., the CNA license and at least a 76 on my TEAS I’m looking at like 74 points total which is a good competitive points total for my local program. Thank you for all the advice!!
  2. I’m in my last year of pre reqs. and need opinions. I have 3 choices. Those choices are to either 1. take a 8 week CNA course over Summer (which would get me 3 extra points on my application) and then take Chem. and Physiology in Fall OR 2. Not do the CNA course and take just Chem. over Summer and just physiology in the fall...what do you guys think? Is phys and Chem a heavy load for one semester? I’m really trying to get A’s in both. I’m currently taking Micro and Anat. this semester and it’s going okay so far. Any opinions welcome!