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  1. UTHSC BSN FALL 2021

    I attended the first zoom as well, but I never received a recording for that one. facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/absn2022/?ref=share
  2. UTHSC BSN FALL 2021

    No, only the email explaining the scholarship application process.
  3. UTHSC BSN FALL 2021

    Hey, thank you for creating this. Can't wait to communicate and meet everyone who's in the fall program.
  4. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    I received mine today. They said it’s being sent on a rolling basis for the next two weeks and if not received by March 9th to reach out to them.
  5. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    Yes, I got accepted as well. I’m so excited!!
  6. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    Neither did I apply anywhere else. The cohort size is bigger than I thought I was told last semesters was 72. I really hope each of us get a seat. I reached out to the student affairs coordinator and he said they should be communicating with applican...
  7. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    I was interviewed the week before last and was told about 3 weeks. I know right! I hope we get in too! Keep me updated as well!
  8. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    I think it went well, what about yours? I’m still anxious to hear something back too! Did they tell you when we would get decisions back?
  9. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    Has anyone had their interview yet? Im kind of nervous for the interview.. What questions did they ask? How did it go?