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  1. Hello, Has anyone had experience in applying for New York Nursing Board? I've talked to one of the CNO's representatives and she said CNO done's filled out other organization's forms and told me to write their Request for Verification of Registr...
  2. Hello syc

    my employer sent all documents in 2020 April and I received review committe email on jan 2021


  3. cno language proficiency

    Hi roop, Can you please share your timeline for your language proficiency? Thanks, YYC
  4. cno language proficiency

    Hi Huda, I am still waiting. I will keep you updated if I receive my result. Thanks, SYC
  5. Did they also said same thing that not satisfied  
    I also sent additional documents too one more employer letter and self letter

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    2. aman preet

      aman preet


      really appreciated now I am relaxed  I really worried before that I was hoping they told me to sit in celpap or ielts test . But I submitted supporting letter also one more employer letter . 
      hope so they also met my requirement

      thankx for sending link

    3. SYC


      My pleasure.

      Can you please post here or email me when you receive your result?

      My email address is

      I think we are in a similar queue. It would be very helpful for me.

      Thank you and stay safe.



    4. aman preet

      aman preet

      Yes I wil 

      and if you receive something tell me also 

      thank you

  6. cno language proficiency

    Hi Aman, I received a CNO email that says my application also sent to the registration committee for review but did not receive the letter you have. I don't know what this means. Just be prepared for the case they ask you to send additional lett...
  7. cno language proficiency

    Hello Aman, Thank you for sharing your CNO letter. I think whether they pass your language proficiency depends on how you and your employer write the letters. What kind of employment did you do and apply for it? I hope CNO will ...
  8. cno language proficiency

    Hello Aman Preet, Congrats, you will receive your result within a few months (1-2months) as I heard. I am in the same situation and waiting for their email. Could you please tell me when you sent your files from yourself and your emplo...