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Looking for nursing programs
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  1. sneverett5

    Emory D-ABSN 2021

    Hey are you starting for the Summer cohort in May?
  2. sneverett5

    Emory D-ABSN 2021

    Hey could you lmk the answers to these questions if you started the program already? I start in may just wondering
  3. sneverett5

    Emory D-ABSN 2021

    Hey lmk if you found any good scholarships to apply for! I start in May
  4. sneverett5

    Emory D-ABSN 2021

    Hey Did you accept the admissions yet? I start in May as well someone has created a facebook group now if you need the link? Hey by compliance are you referring to the prerequisites and the nonrefundable downpayment? I was told I could have prereqs done by the first day of class not May 1st
  5. sneverett5

    Emory DABSN grads end up in California?

    Hey not sure if you have been in contact with a Emory advisor yet but YES the program is approved by all 50 states and they assign you clinicals so you do not have to figure that out yourself. So if you live in CA you will be able to get your RN with this program.
  6. sneverett5

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    Hey could you email me at sneverett5@gmail.com I have a few questions about the program?
  7. sneverett5

    Emory DABSN 2nd Cohort

    Hey guys I have actually been looking at a few of emorys nursing programs and just wanted to let anyone new who is thinking about it that you no longer have to be CNA certified and you do not have to submit GRE scores. Also if you are trying to take a few prereqs online the advisor there recommended Portage Learning to me!