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    Nurse Placement Agency

    Hello, I started a new business regarding temporary placement of nurses in the hospital setting. I do need some help with a few details - privately or publicly. What I've already completed: set up the LLC with my state (Indiana), met with an attorney to draft a contract from my agency to the hospital, discussed with a CPA basic tax dos/don'ts, secured a quote for a corporate/agency insurance (currently I hold my personal professional liability insurance, but have been waiting to purchase the much more expensive corporate insurance until I actually need it), and completed a licensing application with my state. The problems I am currently facing are: developing a detailed fee schedule, getting call backs from hospitals, developing a "confirmation contract" between the candidate and the hospital/agency, and determining how to know which hospitals use a VMS/MSP. The fee schedule I currently have feels a bit arbitrary. I have found a few agencies with positions in the area with a set pay rate. I multiplied that pay rate by an arbitrary markup price (let's say 1.35) to determine my bill rate. Do I charge 1.5x my bill rate for any overtime hours (the rate seems incredulous...), or a lower multiplier for bill rate? The calls I currently have out I am having difficulty on getting any returns. I am considering developing a bit of a script, and trying to refrain from mentioning it as an "independent contracting" position, and having my fiance call to effectively sell the placement services of the business. What hasn't worked, and what has worked for any of you? In the confirmation contract do I need to disclose a candidate's pay rate? Or is the pay rate kept between the placement agency and the candidate? Lastly, how do know which hospitals I am contacting utilize a VMS or MSP? Specifically, would it be more conducive to contact these middle-men organizations to reduce my time spent contacting hospitals independently to solicit my services? I genuinely appreciate any feedback!