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adiep has 3 years experience as a LVN and specializes in LVN.

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  1. Hi!

     I stumbled upon your post about ICHS on allnurses.com. I just started the program (second day!) and I'm wondering how you like the program so far? I passed my GAP for fundamentals and psych so I'll be starting with medsurg and psych. I'm from Cali so I don't even know what to expect for clinicals. Was hoping you can give me some insight into your experience with the program so far! Looking forward to your response!






    1. kuma1030


      I am starting MS 2 & OB/Peds next week, I passed GAP exam and skipped fundamental and pharm. Last year I started with accelerated psych and finished in a month then I moved on to MS 1, I am not sure they still offer accelerated psych now. From the last school meeting they're looking forward to resume on floor clincal in Florida hopefully in March, but I hear there are many student who just waiting to complete clincial so they can graduate so I assume those student will have priority doing their clincal first compare to others. The program is basically self-study and it work for me but I see other student struggle so it kinda all depends on your learning style. Are you a LVN in CA? I am located in Bay Area, CA.

    2. PsychRN21


      adiep- how’s the program going? How was the GAP exam? I’m also from CA & hoping to start this program soon. 

      -thank you.  

  2. Hey Kallee,

    I stumbled upon your post on ICHS. I was wondering if you went through with the program? If so, how do you like the program so far during COVID and can you give me an insight of your experience with online class and clinical? I'm 2 days into orientation week right now. Looking forward to your response!


    - A