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    Worried About Getting Sued—Traveler

    I’m a new ER travel nurse and just started my first day of assignment this week. Transported a patient with vapotherm to the floor with RT and gave heads up of finally transporting to floor beforehand since there was a delay of 1.5 hrs after phone report. Patient was transported with zoll monitor and was awake and oriented when dropped off; was left in the room. Got a call morning after from management patient suffered a poor outcome and said floor nurse came into the room 3 hrs after transport, was not aware patient was there, and something happed to patient. Basically hospital is throwing me under the bus for it. Thoughts? TLDR: transported tele patient to floor; floor nurse came in 3 hrs after transport without knowing pt was there/was not hooked in telepack and pt suffered a poor outcome. Hospital is throwing me under the bus