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ERWnurse is a BSN, RN and specializes in Progressive care.

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  1. ERWnurse

    Working nights with kids/baby

    Alright nurses. I am wondering what you guys did who had kids and a baby that work night shift. Is it DOABLE? My husband works 1:30-11p so he wouldn’t be home until 11:30. My baby is going to be 12 weeks by the time I need to start. He wakes up usually twice in the night. My other is 3 and her father will likely want her on the nights I work. I am going in tomorrow to tour the unit I’d be hired on. I’m not sure that I’ll be on nights but I’m assuming I will be. At what point do I bring up my concerns to the unit manager?? Suggestions are welcome too!
  2. ERWnurse

    Intermediate care area

    Thank you for the clarification!
  3. ERWnurse

    Intermediate care area

    This may be a ridiculous question for some, but is the intermediate care area in a hospital the same as a step down unit? Are there any nurses who work on one that could give me some insight on your patient population? Thank you much! 😘
  4. ERWnurse

    Rush Copley START Program

    Hi nurses! I am working on my portfolio this week for the nurse residency program through Rush Copley. Have any of you guys been through the program or process of getting hired? How do they decide your unit placement? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!