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    Home Health to Acute Care Settings

    If you truly love home health. I’d stick with that. Hospital med surg does make you more marketable in the future and it’s good experience but it really depends on what you enjoy. You could probably get a Med surg job after, there’s a person at my hospital that just got hired from being in HH.
  2. Hey guys, so a little background about me is I worked in LTC/Nursing Home for almost 6 months. I found that it wasn’t for me and I went on to Med surg. I actually loved Med surg clinicals but after doing it for a year as an RN I’m finding that I don’t enjoy it as much and find my floor quite stressful. I’m thinking of going to ICU soon just to try something new and learn new skills but I feel guilty leaving after only being here a year. they also just had hired a couple new nurses who aren’t done with orientation and I feel I’m messing up staffing for my night crew. I’m also really nervous about trying ICU because I had a rocky start when I first started med surg and I’m afraid of making mistakes where the patients will be much more sick and fragile. I’m not sure if I should stay for the ‘golden 2 years’ or just move on? 😞 thanks