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  1. SBCC Summer of Fall 2021

    Hello! I’m in a similar situation with a previous degree and I’ve been in touch with SBCCs financial aid department. They have really good drop in hours in the afternoons and they helped me a lot. Someone else commented and had some good info! You’ll...
  2. SBCC Summer of Fall 2021

    I haven't heard either which is crazy because the orientation for Summer is in less than 2 weeks, LOL! I believe SBCC sends acceptance, rejection and incomplete application letters which is nice. So we will know what the answer is regardless.
  3. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Yay!! Congrats ??
  4. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    I believe I had 92-94 points but can’t remember exactly, hope that’s helpful! That’s awesome!! I do think most alternates get in because most students apply to multiple programs, even if it’s not this week, you should get it by the end of th...
  5. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Got the call yesterday!! I got in, so excited!! Now I'm just waiting to hear back from SBCC. The only reason that is my #1 choice is because they have a program that begins in May. You applied to SBCC as well? I think youre on the other thread as wel...
  6. SBCC Summer of Fall 2021

    Ooops wrong thread.. have not heard from SBCC
  7. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Nope!! I was hoping to hear by now... hopefully this week!! ??
  8. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Yay!! Thank you for the update ? I’m getting anxious and excited !
  9. SBCC Summer of Fall 2021

    OMG yes! Over 300, my confidence nose dived LOL
  10. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Ugh im sorry! Hopefully it won't be the deciding factor and that your other points will make up for it ?
  11. SBCC Summer of Fall 2021

    Wow you guys are awesome! LOL I’m just applying to moorpark and SBCC, I live In ventura so it’s convenient and my husband works in SB so that would be uber convenient ?
  12. SBCC Summer of Fall 2021

    They said for sure by April 2nd but other message boards said they come out around 6 weeks after the deadline, so most likely middle of March!
  13. SBCC Summer of Fall 2021

    That’s awesome!! I keep reminding myself that our chances are doubled since they are picking 2 cohorts :) I’m hoping to do Summer as well. Would start in May, so exciting!! That’s awesome!! I keep reminding myself that our chances are double...
  14. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Oops! Sorry about posting the name
  15. Moorpark ADN Fall 2021

    Oh man! That is a bummer but hopefully it will not be the defining factor. And dang I have not been able to get ahold of -------------------! I've sent a couple emails buts she has not replied LOL. Maybe I will call the health science office and see ...