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  1. roop

    CNO: English Language Proficiency

    Hi@natalieOu can you please help me for process how long it takes after you get email from CNO for received your reference letter upto waive off your language. I submit my all documents in last early April 2020 and till Nov 2020 they just send me one email they received my letter for language proficiency and reference letter from ma employer and after that I did not get anything. Please help me to know how long approx they took to waive the requirement..I ll really appreciate your help and kindness.. thank you
  2. roop

    CNO: English Language Proficiency

    Hi @AgnesJohn did you get response from CNO. I am stuck in same process for language proficiency ? Can you share your timeline? when you get response from CNO registration committee and how long it takes after this? thank you.