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  1. Hello, Is anyone working with the USPHS commissioned corps as a BSN nurse? Specifically in BOP? My school recently offered a partnership with the corps. Offering pay while I complete my degree (one year left) and secured job placement upon grad...
  2. FNP to Psych NP

    Thank you. So I should not go from an FNP to a psych NP? The college that is the sister school to my nursing program only offers an FNP. Their graduate school is regionally accredited but my current program is only accredited nationally and by the CC...
  3. Arizona

    I have, all I was able to find was what was within scope of a BSN. it listed dermal injections and botox with an medical esthetician certificate however, limited info on the medspa aspect and supervision. thank you for your help
  4. hello, I saw on a closed post regarding botox and derma fillers; in AZ you go to a medspa ran by an RN with her med esthencian license and doesn't need to work under a MD. I've been trying to loacte this information for arizona. do you know where I can find it?

  5. FNP to Psych NP

    I am located in Arizona
  6. FNP to Psych NP

    what is the best path to go from FNP to Psych NP? and how long would it take? I've been told from several colleges it would just be a specialization certification but, after researching it looks like it may be more than that.. im confused. can someon...
  7. Arizona

    Hello, I've been trying to do some research about performing cosmetic procedures like lip injections, botox etc. As a BSN I read about getting certified through the nation laser institute to do these. once I get certified am I able to work in m...
  8. Aspen University

    Yes I am in the pre-licensure BSN. I hear if you do well in clinicals, hospitals may pick you for your last round of clinicals and hire you. I’m new to the field. Is it if you perform well within clinicals you succeed? I appreciate all your guidance...
  9. Aspen University

    So if I proceed with aspen, get my BSN do you think I’ll be able to get a job because I passed the Nlex or will they say the school isn’t regionally accredited therefore they won’t hire me? What I’m getting from your responses is they only care about...
  10. Aspen University

    No I’m currently in their BSN program
  11. Aspen University

    Thank you so much for your response! In Arizona they are only nationally accredited. After my BSN I want to be a psych NP however major schools like ASU , NAU UofA and UofP will not acknowledge the credits even after I pass the NCLEX and have my BSN ...
  12. Aspen University

    Can you put me in touch with grads? I currently go to aspen and I’m loosing faith. It would be nice to talk to someone who graduated and where they’re at now.
  13. Aspen University

    I have some questions. Are you graduated now? Was it hard to find a job because they’re not regionally accredited and what graduate school were you able to go to? I want my NP but many schools won’t acknowledge the degree from aspen. I already finish...
  14. Aspen University

    For the MSN what school accepted the BSN from aspen? I’m currently in their core and I want to get my NP degree however the lack of accreditation has scared me. I don’t want to be stuck at a BSN and if I leave I’ll have to start over since no where t...
  15. University of Aspen

    I’m currently in the BSN program. The only issue people have been running into is getting any degree outside of the BSN because it’s not accredited regionally.