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Nurse educattion, psychiatric nursing
New New Educator Nurse Student
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proudnurse has 4 years experience and specializes in Nurse educattion, psychiatric nursing.

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  1. proudnurse

    Adjunct faculty job

    Hello, I am confused about how being an adjunct faculty member works in regards to how much you get to teach. So far I’m only teaching one course in the Summer quarter . It seems to me like whether I will get to teach is not guaranteed, we also have a lot of adjunct faculty. I was told there os nothing else available for me to teach as of now. I don’t get how my job “hours” are not secure in the traditional sense of where you will work part time hours (adjunct) all the time guaranteed. Is this situation normal? Maybe I’m not understanding how all this works. Thanks!
  2. proudnurse

    First Teaching Job: Adjunct Faculty

    Hello everyone! I am looking for help with how to prepare for my first job as a Adjunct Faculty Member at a community college for nursing. I am SO excited but entirely "green" or a "baby" or whatever you may call it. I have no idea what to expect or how to prepare. I will be teaching clinical in my areas of expertise such as psychiatric nursing, I will also be doing clinical for skilled nursing, and eventually medical surgical nursing. I need all the mentorship I can get!