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  1. Katy4132

    Drexel ACE Studying Habits

    Hi everyone, I found out in the beginning of the year that I was accepted into Drexel's ACE program. Are there any grads out there who have any tips in terms of studying? I know it's obviously going to be an intense program no matter what, but is there anything you did that made the 11 months more manageable? I would really appreciate any advice because I don't personally know anyone who had gone there. Thank you! ☺️
  2. Katy4132

    Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    It's no problem at all, hope everything works out in your favor!
  3. Katy4132

    Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    Hi! I did heard back eventually. If you don't mind me asking, which classes do you still need? I believe you need to have 3/4 of the science pre-reqs by the time you apply. It was actually a weird story. So I actually applied a while after the October deadline, possibly around the beginning of December. I later found out I got waitlisted around 2-3 weeks after they received my transcripts and application. When I checked on my Discover Drexel account, the reasoning behind the waitlist was because of a "high applicant pool". So I went to schedule an individual counseling session with my admissions counselor. We spoke via Zoom and from there I asked her why I was waitlisted, what I can do to strengthen my application, etc. While we were having that conversation, she looked through admission's notes and realized that they didn't even review the final transcript that I sent them. On their end, they were saying I still needed to take some pre-reqs even though I took most of them already, and that was the reason why I was put on the waitlist. Basically, it was all a misunderstanding and she apologized and said she would send my transcript back to them to review. The following business day, she emailed me back saying a decision was made on my application. I checked my Drexel account and it was posted there. If it helps at all, while me and my counselor were speaking, she was saying that Admissions takes everything into account. For example, the fact that I had taken initiative to schedule a meeting with her and speak to her about my application is something that Admissions take note of. So aside from them review my final transcript, I believe that had a part in their decision as well. Sorry is the story is really long and boring, LOL if you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them!
  4. Katy4132

    Personal Statement Suggestions

    Hey guys! The school I wanted to apply to doesn't require any personal statements/essays, but I thought it would be good supplementary info to add to my application. Hopefully it would make me look more competitive! Are there any uncommon/unique topics you would suggest? I don't really want to do a basic "Why I choose nursing as a career" essays.
  5. Katy4132

    Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    Ahh OK thanks for your feedback! I'm definitely going to see if I can send a follow-up email to someone in admissions and see what's up.