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  1. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2022

    I still havent heard anything either so youre not alone. Congrats to all of you that have been accepted, you deserve it and Im so happy for you all!
  2. APU ELM Fall 2022

    Congrats on your acceptance as well & Fall 22!!
  3. APU ELM Fall 2022

    Check your portal!! I got the email about setting up my account & then checked my portal and my acceptance was there!!
  4. APU ELM Fall 2022

    CONGRATS to everyone that has been accepted to the SD and Monrovia campuses!! Has anyone heard from the IE campus yet?! Anxiously waiting😭
  5. Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2022

    Hi I also applied for Fall 2022!
  6. UT AE-MSN 2022

    I interviewed last Friday for LeaDs! Good luck you got this 🙂
  7. Columbia MDE 2022

    Hey guys, am I the only one who hasn’t gotten the initial review email yet .. starting to freak out LOL
  8. ELMSN SFSU Fall 2022

    I will also be applying for Fall 2022 !
  9. UCLA MECN 2022

    I am also applying, good luck everyone!
  10. APU ELM Fall 2022

    Hey I also applied for Fall 2022, glad you created this thread!
  11. Samuel Merritt University ELMSN Fall 2021

    I was waitlisted #5 for FNP last year & interview invites went out last year today w/ interviews being held the first week of March. So I feel like we should be hearing back shortly!
  12. Samuel Merritt University ELMSN Fall 2021

    I also received the preliminary review email the other day. Best of luck everyone. We got this
  13. UT AE-MSN 2021

    It was in my spam! Thank you!
  14. UT AE-MSN 2021

    Has everyone already gotten the email from BON? Because I haven’t yet
  15. UT AE-MSN 2021

    The meeting id & password should be in the initial interview email you received!