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Ann Maria has 4 years experience and specializes in Geriatric.

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  1. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    I wrote on feb 21st .. I passed.... Congratulations to everyone.......May God bless us
  2. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    I think tomorrow or day after tomorrow will get the results... So nervous
  3. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    Can you give me your email ID?
  4. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

  5. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    It says 107 -110..not sure.. How was your exam??
  6. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    I think they would publish within next two weeks.. how was your exam??
  7. CPNRE exam Jan-Feb 2021

    Mine is also within few days
  8. CPNRE - November 2020

    Hey I wrote on nov 22, still waiting for results. Hope they gonna declare results this week, guessing Thursday. Because all of my friends got results on Thursdays
  9. About CPNRE Nov window 2020

    Hey thanks for the response,
  10. About CPNRE Nov window 2020

    Hai everyone, I took my CPNRE on Nov 22,2020. I know my 21 of answers are absolutely wrong. Didn’t get my results yet. I think I failed. Can someone help me to get through this hard phase of waiting period?
  11. CPNRE - November 2020

    Do you guys know about cno trick to check if you passed or failed?
  12. CPNRE - November 2020

    Is that really works??