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Dialysis (currently). Previously MedSurg
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e19xx has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Dialysis (currently). Previously MedSurg.

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  1. The way they do the “on the job training” at the hospital where I live is getting us to do the periop 101 course online modules! And a few classes in person. Then being buddied with an OR nurse. The format seems similar to what a separate college periop program would do so that’s why I’m kind of hesitant on paying out of my own pocket for a college periop program 😅
  2. Someone also told me the same thing! That it would give me a competitive edge and that it’s worth it to take the separate periop program w/ my own money. And! Because of “on call money” the program pretty much would pay for itself down the road. The hospitals in my city do consider hiring ppl w/ no periop experience but of course would rather give it to someone who does. How long did it take for you to get comfortable in the OR after you finished your training? And do you see yourself doing it long term til retirement? Thank you btw for the response!
  3. e19xx

    Dialysis Nursing not for me?

    I do! But it’s not a big trauma hospital compared to the other ones we have in the city.
  4. Hi guys, Currently love where I work b/c of how close it is from my house & the hours are really good. However, the OR has always been my dream, which I’m still planning to pursue down the road (likely in a few years). I’m from Canada & found several colleges that offer periop programs, which have been approved by ORNAC (Operating Room Nurses of Canada). The length of study ranges from 10 weeks to 6 months, depending on the college. There’s no college in my city that offers a periop program so I’d have to apply to a college in a diff city & do all of the theory online. I will likely have to travel to a diff city for the college’s lab portion then do a practicum placement in my city. I don’t mind doing the schooling nor having to travel to a different city to do the lab portion as I don’t have kids & I’m single. What I do mind is the tuition fee for the course (ex: $5k for one of the colleges). I am likely able to get some of that tuition reimbursed through an education fund that my employers offer, but the max I can request is $750. Has anyone taken a periop program at a college before (doesn’t have to be in Canada)? If so, how was the experience? And was it worth paying the few thousands of dollars to do the course? Is it better to just keep applying for OR jobs and just hope I get offered on the job training? Thanks in advance if anyone can help a girl out!!