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  1. CRNAs

    I made a C on my first semester of CRNA school. I am feeling defeated but ready to try even harder on second semester. My concern is, does GPA matter in regards to jobs post CRNA school? What are the downsides of getting a C while in CRNA schoo...
  2. Chances of getting an interview?

    You can try. But your GPA isn’t very high. You could get away with it if you had more experience... but 2 years is the bare minimum. sorry to rain on your parade, just an honest opinion. Try + keep trying. Try to score a 155+ on verbal and 1...
  3. Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    For everyone still waiting for answers... hang in there! I was interviewed back in October. A couple of people were told on the spot that they had gotten accepted. Others (like me) were notified 2-3 weeks after. And then the rest were notified up to ...
  4. Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    @TraumaQueen what was your first pick of your don’t mind me asking and where did they send you?
  5. Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    14 days to pay deposit
  6. TCU/TWU/UT houston CRNA 2021

    Yay! Congrats Abby! Nothing for me yet! But fingers crossed ?
  7. TCU/TWU/UT houston CRNA 2021

    Yes!! I know at least 3 people who declined admission to go to other schools ? so maybe they’ll call us! have you been accepted somewhere else? @abby Also, I wonder how many people they waitlisted? They waitlisted me, anyone else?
  8. Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    LOL no and I wouldn’t know. They actually didn’t ask me any questions regarding personal goals. But it would be a good idea to go into the AANA website and read a couple of articles regarding the practice. I did this and it gave me a bit of confidenc...
  9. TCU/TWU/UT houston CRNA 2021

    Does anyone know if UT has reached out to people who were waitlisted? I haven’t heard anything just yet!
  10. Tried to PM you but it won't let met! I saw your comment about help for the TWU interview! I was wondering if you have any advice? I have my interview in a week! I'm nervous! I'm not sure if I should focus on in depth on medications/numbers/etc or what. I've heard interviews can be really intense and to study the CCRN stuff but I'm not sure! any advice is greatly appreciated! 

    1. Max Powers

      Max Powers, BSN, RN

      I'm in the same boat! More clinical questions than personal/behavioral questions? Thanks in advance!

    2. Jemiahh10


      Yes focus on the pathology & meds you commonly use in those diseases. Anything you mention that you use, know the pathology & meds. Even if it’s a group interview, just focus your studying on any diseases& relevant info to your specialty. 

      90 % clinical based. They can get very specific! I mentioned a med that works on the kidney, then they asked me about how the nephron works LOL.. ? so yeah, anything you mention, they will/May ask you more specific question relating that. I didn’t know the answer to several questions FYI, no one did. But if someone in the group doesn’t know and you do, you can raise your hand and politely help out the other person w the response. 

      There were 2 faculties & 2 other students. Both faculty were extremely nice... so the interview felt like a safe space for me. I wasn’t as nervous as I got when I did a solo interview @ another school. 

      best of luck to everyone! 

    3. Bearree

      Bearree, BSN

      I heard a lot of people say its very cardiac heavy. If my specialty is totally different from other people's, would they tailor my questions to my specialty ? Thank you!

  11. Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    To anyone with an interview, good luck! It’s not that bad ? I honestly liked the group interview cause I wasn’t as nervous! The only thing that sucks is that sometimes they pick on you first so others get a chance to think about their answers while y...
  12. Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    I submitted my September 1st.
  13. TCU/TWU/UT houston CRNA 2021

    Hi everyone! My question is to those who were waitlisted at UT. I was also waitlisted at Cizik earlier this year and recently got accepted at another out of state university. I would prefer to stay in Houston because it would be easier in rega...