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    Nurse forced to work as a tech/CNA

    I work in inpatient rehab PRN. We’ve been super short staffed. They brought in a bunch of travelers so we have enough nurses for now. But we only have 1/3 of the CNAs/techs we’re supposed to have at night. I offered to work a couple shifts as a CNA/tech to help out a few months ago. Ever since then, they’ve been putting me down as a tech almost every time I work there which is 1-2 shifts a week. I understand that the travelers won’t work as CNAs so I’m pretty much their only option but how is that fair? I don’t even mind working as a tech but the only reason I work at this facility is to get some experience AS A NURSE in that specific setting! Is there something I can do about this without coming off as whiny?
  2. I think it would be the perfect job for me. I’ve worked in long term care for a year. I tried applying for the first MDS Coordinator position I saw but they wouldn’t hire me because I don’t have experience. how am I supposed to get some experience if they won’t hire me because I don’t have experience? 🥲
  3. Is 5 weeks supposed to be enough for a newer nurse switching specialties (to ER)? Would it be rude to say that I still don’t feel ready and request more training?
  4. I was recently hired at a hospital. They usually make their nurses do rotating shifts. I’m a night person so I told them I’d prefer nights, they said they would make it work but still had to hire me as a rotating shift nurse on paper. Now they send me the schedule for after my orientation period and they scheduled me for a full rotating schedule. Would it be rude if I emailed my supervisor about this? What’s a polite way to say it?