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    Army nurse process

    Hello everyone! I'm a junior in my first semester of nursing school and since this Summer I've been interested in joining the military in some capacity as a nurse. I applied to the Navy Nurse Candicay Program but sadly didn't make it in. I'v been looking at the discussions you all have posted but I'm a bit confused on the information. My hope is to join the army as a L&D nurse but I've been told that its not possible or hard as a new grad. The advice I was given is to join an ROTC program, which I looked into but my school is private and doesn't offer the program. The other option is to join direct commission after graduation. I would appreciate any advice and information on the process of direct commissioning. So far I've seen, I will need at least 1 year of experience in ICU or ER and the process is competitive. It has been difficult to find a medical recruiter to speak to get information.