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  1. Oh!! Okay, for some reason I assumed she took it then never went to take it again! Sorry!! Good Luck, maybe you can write to the BON and convince them to allow you to test!!
  2. What isn't correct? I did graduate almost 7 years ago from a nursing program in PA and took the NCLEX and failed it (That was within a year of graduating)...then I didn't take it again until almost 6 years later.
  3. Not sure if this is will help...but I graduated 6 years (almost 7 years ago) from Nursing school... I failed my NCLEX and gave up! Luckily, in Pennsylvania they allow you to take it after this many years. So could you take it in PA or would you have ...
  4. NCLEX Retake

    I have previously failed and now I keep changing my date because I am too nervous to go through the sadness of failure again!! I sure am sending you positive vibes!! Have you found out yet if you passed?? Crossing my fingers for you!
  5. No email after taking NCLEX

    I have never got an email and I also have not had one of the letters people say they got in the mail saying what areas they were weak or strong in. I called the BON about it and the lady said... "Well, it was sent to you."
  6. Repeat test takers-NCLEX High Yield?

    Have any repeat test takers tried NCLEX High Yield? I keep reading so many positive things about it. I browsed the site and it's almost $600! But a thread I saw on another site said she didn't pay for it and it still helped her pass on her 3rd attemp...
  7. Failed NCLEX exam

    Congratulations on passing! Did you use UWorld and Mark K when you passed? I failed and am scheduled to retest next month and am a nervous wreck! Ugh. I am using Mark K right now and am wondering if UWorld will be good for me to try. I also bought La...
  8. How long did your ATT take?

    So, still no ATT from PA BON. It's been about 3 months!! How long has it taken everyone else to get one? I have emailed several times, not a single email back. I called almost 3 weeks ago and the lady only said... we complete the applications in the ...
  9. Nysed NCLEX-RN approval no ATT

    I am in Pennsylvania and have been waiting about 2 months for my ATT. I have sent multiple emails with no responses to any of them. I was able to finally get an answer on the phone last Monday and she said they have all my stuff and I should have my ...
  10. I still didn't get my ATT in PA

    Well, I paid Pearson and sent my application for my ATT to PA in March. Finally on 4/22 the PALS website updated and said my application is pending review so I know they got...and I have emailed 3 times since then to get an update on it or to see ...
  11. Failed NCLEX 3 times

    I sure hope you passed!! That would give me some faith in myself doing it again!! Fingers crossed ?
  12. Failed NCLEX 3 times with MAX questions

    Damion, I did download and study your study guide, I also took notes on it. I tried to message you on here a few weeks ago but it says I didn't post enough or something. I also visited your website that same day, but unfortunately, I quit my job...
  13. Failed NCLEX 3 times with MAX questions

    Thank you guys for the support! It means so much! I have been studying quite a bit the past 2 weeks and I started Archer and bought the 60 day Qbank questions. I actually never did questions before so I honestly feel I am retaining information. When ...
  14. Failed NCLEX 3 times with MAX questions

    I downloaded this study guide and took notes on it about 2 weeks ago. Thank you!! ?
  15. Failed NCLEX 3 times with MAX questions

    I am so desperate for someone to lead me in the right direction PLEASE! I graduated Nursing School a few years ago. I didn't make the highest grades, but I always stayed about my 80% that I had to. I made the mistake of working with my temp license f...