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    Unhappy in a hateful work place

    Wow. Thank you all for your responses, and thank you to the mods for merging the post. You really made me feel less alone in this and your insight is invaluable. To address all the responses at once, I plan to make it to 6 months minimum and start applying and figure out moving situation for me to go back. I believe all interviews/hiring would be via zoom so that could make it easier. I plan to use the not a good fit + COVID response while focusing on what I learned and how the environment I will be coming from enhanced my skills. I am keeping a log of all comments + staff if I ever needed it. It is insane to think people want to "care for people" but also have extreme levels of hate/pettiness/anger. @Famturn I really admire and respect you for speaking out for a coworker. That takes guts.
  2. queernursing

    Unhappy in a hateful work place

    I am a new RN. I worked as a tech for 3 years, but due to COVID had to move back home. I recently started a job back home as an RN and the culture is quite bad. Yes, many units have a culture of gossip but this is really to an extreme, like gossiping about anything and everything about fellow staff (sex life, family, appearance - nothing is off limits to them). I am gay and it is fairly obvious. I am confident in myself and my sexuality, but I have quickly learned my fellow RNs are quite homophobic and prejudice (race, religion, literally anything they can discriminate against they will). Yes everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, but openly speaking against it especially in healthcare shouldn't be a thing. Yes, you could report them but 1) it is pretty much unit-wide 2) retaliation 3) very obvious it would be me. Understandably I am uncomfortable with this and I am not one to endorse or partake in gossip. The "benefits" and overall morale of the hospital is poor and they quite obviously do not care much for their employees. I know the golden rule is to stay at least a year, but I would like to move back to where I was and get a job there ASAP. Would 6 months be feasible? How could or should I explain my short time period in my position?