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  1. Emory D-ABSN 2021

    They say rolling, but judging from the comments people seem to find out a couple months before classes start - or later. So if apply early it takes awhile and if apply late it is quick. Apparently clinical placements more challenging now too so doesn...
  2. Emory D-ABSN 2021

    I still have not heard a thing about fall. I keep checking my application to see how many green check marks is has, but not much movement in weeks.
  3. Emory D-ABSN 2021

    Thank you for the update! How are you liking the look of the program so far?
  4. Quinnipiac University ABSN 2021 Cycle

    Great reasons! Thank you! And good to hear more about the schedule! I will be there tomorrow too! Hoping we might be able to see a sample schedule!
  5. Quinnipiac University ABSN 2021 Cycle

    Congratulations! What criteria are you using to decide? Have you heard from any past or present students on how they like the program? I would love to pick a great learning environment with a positive process but that seems hard to anticipate in...
  6. Quinnipiac University ABSN 2021 Cycle

    I googled it and was able set up account here - I then googled Quinnipiac sign in and was able to login. My package is still under review.
  7. Emory D-ABSN 2021

    Still nothing for me. Still only a few check marks and bunch of red x's too. No change in few weeks.
  8. Emory D-ABSN 2021

    It looks like most of you got into the Spring and now Summer cohorts. Has anyone heard back that applied for Fall 2021? I applied in November, but still no word so far ?!
  9. Quinnipiac University ABSN 2021 Cycle

    Congratulations on your acceptances! I was accepted as well! What criteria are you guys using to decide on where to go? And what would make you choose Quinnipiac? Looks like great facilities, but is on the pricier side. Has anyone heard how thei...
  10. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    I also did! And planning on going as well!!
  11. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2021

    Great! Thank you for doing that! Glad to meet a fellow classmate!!
  12. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2021

    Good luck! I did get accepted! Still hoping to how previous students have liked this program!
  13. ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    So for those of you that got into the program - how have you liked the USM ABSN program and are you glad you chose that program? Thank you!
  14. Emory ABSN Spring 2020

    Have any of you gone through the DABSN? If so, how did you like it? Thank you!
  15. Hi. I was unable to find a discussion thread for applicants for USM's ABSN class of 2021. Anyone else out there patiently waiting to hear back from USM? I am also wondering if anyone has been in this program and what they thought. THANK YOU!