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  1. TifeRNa

    CUNY Queensborough (QCC) - Spring 2021

    I was so afraid to open the email!! But I was accepted as well. Congratulations to all of you who’ve made it this far. And for those that haven’t, don’t lose hope. Keep working, keep trying.
  2. TifeRNa

    CUNY Queensborough (QCC) - Spring 2021

    I had my interview much later on Nov 24th and was told I’d hear back by the end of December. So I’m hoping within the next two weeks!
  3. TifeRNa

    CUNY Queensborough (QCC) - Spring 2021

    Hi All! I applied for Spring 2021 as well. Although, I have not received an interview. =( Good luck to all of you!
  4. TifeRNa

    qcc (queensborough) Spring 2021

    Hi, I applied to QCC Nursing for Spring 2021. Have any of you that applied received any news regarding admission?