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    New nurse, not eating so I can pass 20-30 patients' meds

    I am an RN scheduled as a medication aide due to the staffing needs of the facility. An experienced med aide and RN are working as CNAs while I flounder as a med aide. They have enough staffing for nursing positions it seems, except when someone calls out. Then some nurses throw literal tantrums by slamming cupboards and all. Working eight hours a day, five days a week, no one wants to come in to cover anything extra. I feel like nurses would be more willing to come in on an off day if they worked 2-3 twelves a week. I quit.
  2. I'm scheduled as a medication aide and I am falling apart, literally. This not eating thing for more than half of my shifts has caused mouth sores and skin peeling around my nails. I am also getting more frequent headaches. And now, I can't focus worse than usual, and it's becoming unsafe. I almost didn't document the medications I had given, twice in one shift. I caught them, but this might not happen the next time, risking double dosing. I cannot keep up with all of my duties working to pass so many pills for so many patients, about 20-30 patients with 5-20 meds with 1-3 pills per med, and I feel too guilty for being behind on my med passes to go eat. I usually have at least 3-5 patients' meds in the red or overdue throughout the shift and stay late to finish passing everything, about 15-45 minutes. The other nurses are cold, passive-aggressive, and even indirectly aggressive. I feel so alone, like I can't reach out for help because it's supposed to be my job and my duties. I'm crying just about every other day now. When it becomes more difficult for me to focus, I try to keep the patient's page open and mark PRN meds before I leave the computer so it forces me to save before I leave the page, which multiple nurses taught me to do. I'm not saving before I go to give the meds, but some nurses do. Other nurses tell me not to so much as mark it, so they can hop on any computer they want. The first group of nurses says that is controlling and unsafe of them to do, since this is a habit they follow and would additionally feel disrespected if treated in this way that the other nurses treat me. I'm lost. Please help. Should I quit? I obviously can't handle the job requirements. Should I try to take breaks even if I have meds due and/or request assistance from other nurses? Might I get better? It's been a month and my efficiency in passing meds has not increased very much.