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  1. Hi everyone! I have read many different threads over the past year related to securing a new grad residency in Boston. I realize it has been historically difficult for new RNs who have recently graduated coming from different parts of the country- especially in critical care. I also know COVID-19 has been heavily impacting RN career opportunities all over the country. I guess my main questions are: When should I be looking for new grad/nurse residency positions in Boston? (I graduate May 2021) Is there any advice you would be willing to give to me to help narrow down my job search? What are things that have made new nurse grads stand out if they have interviewed/worked with you on your unit? A little about me: I am finishing a MSN-Entry nursing program and I have been working as a patient care tech in a Surgical ICU for the past year. I also already have a Master's degree in Management/Organizational Leadership and I have worked as a CNA in home health while I was working on my undergraduate degree. My husband recently got a job in Boston, so ideally after school I would love to start my career in the same area. I appreciate any and all advice you can give me!