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    New grad wants to quit hospital job after 2months

    First of all, know that you aren't alone in your feelings, nurses have issues with anxiety/depression too. Don't be upset that you need medication to help you, at the end of the day, it is what it is, so many people take medication to help them go about their day, its nothing to be ashamed about. Second, instead of quitting nursing, which we all know you work extremely hard for, can you explore other opportunities? Can you look around for long term facilities and do some time on a slow geriatric floor somewhere? even better, a dementia/Alzheimer's floor? yes, behaviors, but in my experience those floors can be a lot slower and easier to manage. It sounds like where you were working as you stated was a super busy floor and probably wasn't the best place for you to start. and thats OK. I worked some time as a nursing supervisor at a rebab facility/LTC. Some new nurses would come in and want to jump right into the super busy rehab floor and end up getting super overwhelmed, then they would move to the long term or dementia side and do so much better. please, explore your options, doesn't hurt to go somewhere slow paced, even for a few months until you find your groove. don't quit, it gets better, trust me!
  2. NurseNugget3

    Two Nursing jobs

    Im currently not working but when I was, I worked a full-time job and worked for 2 nursing agencies on the side. On my days off I was able to pick up hours with my agencies even last minute jobs. It's all about you, can you handle it? Can you handle working more hours during the week? Some nurses I know just want to do their 40 hours and be done, others work 60+ every week (as I was). You also need to check with the hospital and know what your requirements would be ( 1 weekend a month? holidays?). Id say try it out, doesn't hurt to try, you can always stop. Also, just want to mention you mentioned you left the hospital because of personal anxiety pertaining to the job, keep that in mind, if it was causing your body stress, no need to go back, the stress will still be there. I know as nurses we feel pressured sometimes to help, but your mental health is important in all this too. stay safe.
  3. I have MS and take ocrevus which suppresses my immune system, months ago my family and I decided it would be safer for me to stay home during all this. It's gotten to the point where I feel that I need to go back to work, even just part time for my own mental health. Being home alone everyday is getting to be too much. Im extremely worried about catching covid and the setting I would go back to work in I will most likely come across covid patients at one point or another. Im just looking for any advice from fellow nurses during this. I want to feel as if I wear my n95 mask/glasses/face shield, I'll be safe, but I'm just really stressed about it all. Thank You