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  1. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    I got in!! ?? I found out on Friday. I’m so excited
  2. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    73 with some people getting in off of waitlist with 72. I’d expect it’s going to be this same level of competition going forward.
  3. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    Wow! Last semester was rough with the decreased cohort and priority spots. Congrats on being officially in! Hopefully I’ll be there with you guys ?
  4. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    Oh my goodness you just saved me a lot of stress!!! Thank you Nikki!
  5. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    Ahhh only 3 more to go! How did you find out the alternate number they are down to? I’m crossing my fingers!!
  6. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    I’m alternate number 8! They usually go down the waitlist a bit so I’m staying hopeful!
  7. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    When did they email you? I thought they were doing it after 5pm. Congrats!
  8. Sacramento State Fall 2021

    The wait has been awful! Anyone in anywhere else? I got into SCC for fall but still crossing my fingers for sac state.
  9. SCC/ARC Fall 2021 Sac City/American River College

    It doesn’t say on their site anywhere that they won’t use the status changes. People are just going on what they have done in previous years. In past years SCC has not updated the status past application received. It might be a good idea to contact t...
  10. SCC/ARC Fall 2021 Sac City/American River College

    Even the acceptance email I got from SCC didn’t have a name! I was kind of thrown off by that as well.
  11. SCC/ARC Fall 2021 Sac City/American River College

    SCC has sent out all acceptance and alternate emails as of 4/20. I don’t think they do denial emails based on what it says on their RN page under the selection process section.
  12. SCC/ARC Fall 2021 Sac City/American River College

    It looks like they usually send out notification the last week of April... so we may be waiting until the end of next week. But they are updating the application statuses so fingers crossed for today!
  13. Sacramento City RN 2021

    It could be new, I’m just going off of what it says on their RN program webpage under the selection process section. It would be really nice if they updated everyone. Did you apply to ARC too? Fingers crossed for you, waiting is the worst.
  14. Sacramento City RN 2021

    SCC sent out the acceptance and alternate emails for the RN program on 4/20. For the RN program they don’t do denial letters unfortunately. ARC still hasn’t selected though.
  15. SCC/ARC Fall 2021 Sac City/American River College

    I just made one. It is SCC RN fall 2021 cohort. No one is in it yet besides me LOL. But as we find more people who are in we can add them.